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Acharya University Highlights

Originating from the Silicon Valley of India, Acharya University brings the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of one of the world's leading tech hubs.

  • Strategic Location in Karakul: Acharya University is strategically located in Karakul, a city poised to become the future Silicon Valley of Uzbekistan. The city's dynamic environment, coupled with its rich talent pool of high-quality mathematics students, makes it an ideal host for an IT-focused university like Acharya.
  • Expert International Faculty: Benefit from the guidance and mentorship of highly qualified teachers from academia and industry who bring global perspectives and real-world experience to the classroom.
  • Free Laptop for Every Student: Empowering Students with the necessary tools for digital learning and academic success.
  • 100 University Grants: Meritorious students, especially deserving girls, have access to prestigious grants, supporting their educational journey.
  • Curriculum in Partnership with IT Industries: Gain industry-relevant knowledge and skills through a curriculum developed in collaboration with leading IT companies.
  • Centres of Excellence: Acharya University takes great pride in its Centre of Excellence, which stands as a distinct advantage for students and faculty. As part of our ongoing efforts to provide the best educational experience, we are in talks with esteemed companies like IBM, Intel, and Microsoft to establish their Centres of Excellence, certifications, and other collaborations on our campus.
  • Industry Collaboration and Partnerships: Our collaboration with renowned IT companies brings their expertise, resources, and industry-leading practices directly to Acharya University. Through these partnerships, we create an environment that closely aligns with industry standards and demands, ensuring our students receive an education that is relevant and cutting-edge.
  • 'ALIVE' - Acharya's Own LMS Platform: Experience a state-of-the-art Learning Management System designed to enhance student engagement and learning outcomes.
  • Acharya University App: Seamlessly accesses academic functions, stays updated on important information, and engages with university resources through the dedicated mobile app.
  • Industry Certification and Collaboration: Acquire valuable certifications and benefit from collaborations with global IT giants, ensuring industry recognition and career readiness.
  • No IELTS Required: Enjoy the convenience of not requiring IELTS for admission.
  • Communicative English: Enhance your English language skills with specialized courses provided by Acharya University, promoting effective communication and global employability.
  • Special Tutorial Classes: Additional training and support are available through tutorial classes, catering to the unique needs of students.
  • 'meStori' Networking Event: Connect with professionals and industry leaders as you listen to their stories from around the world through online and offline interactions, fostering valuable connections and insights.
  • Strategic Mandatory Internships: Gain practical experience and industry exposure through strategically designed internships integrated into the program.
  • Varsity "Snow Leopards": Experience a vibrant sports culture at Acharya University with our esteemed varsity team, the "Snow Leopards." Engage in competitive sports and represent the university at various intercollegiate tournaments.
  • Sports, Extra Curricular, and Co-Curricular Activities: Enjoy a well-rounded university experience through a wide range of sports, extra-curricular, and co-curricular activities. Explore your passions, enhance your skills, and foster holistic development outside of academics.
  • World-Class Learning Material: Access a wide range of learning resources, including textbooks, course materials, and journals sourced from renowned institutions worldwide.
  • International Semester Exchange and Higher Education Opportunities: Explore international exposure and expand horizons through semester exchange programs and options for higher education.
  • Flexible Payment Options: Ease the financial burden by paying the fee in two instalments per year, providing convenience and flexibility for students and their families.