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About AUET (Acharya University Entrance Test)

To select qualified applicants, Acharya University conducts AUET (Acharya University Entrance Test) to admit students. The test will be based on Logic, Reasoning, Maths, and the High School curriculum of Uzbekistan.

The entrance test will be held offline in specified Exam Centers. The duration of AUET is 180 Minutes. It contains Multiple-Choice Questions.

General Instruction to the Candidates of AUET 2023

  • 1. The candidates are to download the admit card from the Acharya University website and read the instructions carefully.
  • 2. The candidates have to appear for AUET-2023 as per the schedule mentioned in the admit card.
  • 3. The candidates must ensure to reach their respective AUET 2023 Test Centre ONE HOUR before the commencement of the entrance test.
  • 4. The candidates appearing for the entrance test must carry only the following documents:
    • AUET 2023 entrance admit card
    • A valid photo identity proof (Passport)
    • Black ball point pens (Extra Black ball point pens)
  • 5. Candidates will NOT be allowed to carry any electronic Equipment’s, Gadgets, Pagers, Mobile Phones, Bluetooth Devices, Markers, White Fluid, Calculator, Wireless sets, Smart watches, bits of paper, books/notes etc. into the Examination Hall. The candidate(s) found in possession of any of these items in the examination hall will be treated as unfair means and his/ her result will not be declared.
  • 6. Candidates can keep their valuables in the CLOAKROOM provided in the test centre.
  • 7. Candidates must occupy the seat in the respective room allotted as per the entrance test number mentioned on the notice board.
  • 8. The Candidates have to maintain discipline inside the campus & examination hall.
  • 9. The “Attendance Sheet” will be provided to the candidates in which they must sign in the presence of their respective test invigilator.
  • 10. Candidates are informed to check the Bell Timings mentioned in the table for Caution bells at different intervals.
  • 11. The candidates have to follow the instructions given by the invigilators in the examination hall/ room. The candidates, who do not follow the instructions, will be treated as resorting to unfair means such candidates are liable for disqualification.
  • 12. If any candidate writes/shades anything other than the required entries on the OMR Answer Sheet, which may result in disclosing the candidate’s identity, or use of abusive language or employ any other unfair means, such as change of marking answers by scratching or using white fluid, such candidates are liable for disqualification.
  • 13. The candidates will not be allowed to go outside their exam halls during the exam time slot.
  • 14. Candidates have to hand over the OMR sheet to the room superintendent after the entrance test before leaving the exam hall without fail.
  • 15. Candidates found not abiding by all the above regulations and instructions will be disqualified by the exam officials.

Instructions to the Candidates about OMR sheet filling

  • Fill/ Darken the OMR sheet with BLACK INK BALL POINT PEN only.
  • Darken the appropriate circles for Entrance Test seat number, Version code, Date, and Session.
  • Wrong darkening or double circle darkening will be treated as invalid and lead to delayed processing of results. Please follow the below and practice the correct method.
  • Candidates should not use pencil, whitener, eraser while filling the OMR sheet.
  • Candidates have to write their name in CAPITAL LETTERS without any mistakes on the OMR Answer Sheet.
  • Candidates are to compulsorily sign on the OMR sheet in the space provided.
  • Candidates are advised not to fold/damage the OMR sheet.
  • The question booklet contains 100 questions with three sections as mentioned below and each question will have one statement and four different options/ choices.
    • Section-A: Mathematics- 40 questions
    • Section-B: Logical reasoning-40 questions
    • Section-C: English-20 questions

Acharya University Entrance Bell Timings

S. No. Particulars Time Type/No of Bell
1 Last entry the Test centre 09:30 AM Long Bell
2 Last Entry to the Examination Hall 09:30 AM Long Bell
3 Distribution of OMR Sheets to the candidates 09:45 AM Single Bell
4 Instructions to the candidates to fill OMR sheet 09:50 AM Single Bell
5 Distribution of question booklet and to be opened by the candidates 10:00 AM Single Bell
6 Commencement of Entrance test 10:00 AM Long Bell
7 After One Hour 11:00 AM Single Bell
8 After Two Hour 12:00 PM Single Bell
9 After Two and Half an Hour 12:30 PM Single Bell
10 Test Concludes 01:00 PM Long Bell

Acharya University Entrance Test: Do’s and Don’ts

S. No. Do’s Don’ts
1 Understand the entrance test pattern Forget to read the instructions/Guidelines of the Acharya University entrance test.
2 Utilize study resources available on Acharya University website. Neglect time management
3 Practice sample papers available on Acharya University website. Guess blindly
4 Carry Acharya Entrance Test Admit Card to the test centre. Candidates are advised not to fold/damage the OMR sheet.
5 Use only BLACK BALL POINT PEN for bubbling in OMR sheet Use Pencil/Whitener/Eraser in OMR sheet
6 Handover the OMR sheet to the room invigilator after the completion of entrance test. Carry mobile Phones, Smartwatch, study materials, calculators, memory chips etc.,