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Acharya Collaboration

Since its founding, Acharya has been a leader in bringing brilliant minds from around the world together for a common interest. We collaborate with leading industry experts in research, global internships, certification programmes, curriculum development, workshops, semester abroad programmes, faculty exchange, joint academic programmes, and more.

The Collaborations team at Acharya University is committed to providing our students with the opportunity to study abroad, participate in joint research projects, and learn from experts in their fields from different parts of the world. Our collaborations with foreign universities also enable us to bring in international faculty members who bring diverse perspectives and experiences to our classrooms. Some of our notable academic collaborations include partnerships with universities in India, the United States, Canada, Australia, and Europe. These collaborations have led to joint degree programs, joint research projects, and faculty and student exchanges. Our collaborations also enable us to offer our students access to cutting-edge research facilities and advanced technologies.