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04 May 2023

Digital Marketing - Know all about it

Let us discuss what is Digital Marketing, the benefits of Digital Marketing, the career opportunities in the field, and the degrees available to specialize in it. Digital Marketing focuses on the process of advertising products, services, or brands via digital channels such as search engines, social media, email, mobile apps, and other digital platforms. It includes a variety of approaches, techniques, and strategies for attracting, engaging, and converting online audiences into customers or clients. It is a type of marketing that leverages digital technologies to connect with customers in a profitable and effective manner.

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03 May 2023

What specializations can be done in BCA?

BCA or Bachelor of Computer Applications, is a three- to four-year undergraduate degree programme. Students interested in careers in science, technology, natural sciences, engineering, mathematics, or related fields often opt for this degree. Depending on the options of their institution, students have a wide range of topics or subjects to specialize in, such as biology, physics, mathematics, computer science, statistics, animation, design, data science, cloud computing, and more. Graduates with a BCA degree can opt to continue their education by enrolling in Master's or Ph.D. programmes, or they can start working in a variety of industries like healthcare, research, technology, finance, and others.

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02 May 2023

Learn New-Age Technologies: B Tech in Cloud Computing & B Tech in Data Science: Course Details, Scope and More

Education today is not limited to Classes, Exams and Presentations. Students need to prepare themselves for better employability. Whereas, many problems are faced during the transition from Education to Employment. That is when the curriculum of Industry-Aligned Programmes becomes truly remarkable. These Programs keep in touch with the ever-changing industries and prepare students with the necessary skills to fit in with these changes.

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01 May 2023

Exciting New Degree Programmes to Explore in Technology

With the world moving more and more towards the technological sphere for education, running enterprises, lifestyle, etc, there are varieties of new fields to study and form a career in tech. These careers are promising and futuristic with great potential for a lucrative path. Acharya University Uzbekistan provides B Tech or Bachelor of Technology- a four-year undergraduate degree programme that provides holistic technological education with in-demand and industry-specific skills.

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